Moments ago, I led my final Board of Director's meeting as NCSHLA President. After 11 months, I still need Beth Burns to keep me straight on Robert's Rules. I've always lived by the philosophy, "You don't learn to

walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over." So, thank you Beth for picking me up whenever I toppled. I tend to focus on things way out in front of me.

The 2017-2018 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs shall always be known as the "snow globe shakers." An incredible cast of members who studied the current situation and weren't afraid to shake it up. Finances were analyzed. Committees were utilized. Advocacy was prioritized. And most important, a long-term strategic plan was implemented. The hard work is done, now the harder work begins. In the coming year, Holly Hanley will lead us through a rewrite of bylaws and policies, new governance structure, expanded continuing education, membership growth, strong commitment to advocacy, and new Lobbying efforts. Sounds overwhelming. But to the hard-working volunteers protecting the audiologists and speech pathologists of North Carolina, it's what's known as the fun part!

On behalf of NCSHLA and all audiology and speech pathology professionals in North Carolina, I want to thank those who devoted time to shaking the snow globe:

Angela Jacques, Kristen Cline, Holly Hanley, Beth Burns, Tracie Rice, Jackie Jacobs, Kacia Bray, Cindy Ling Davis, Joy Kennedy, Wayne Foster, Beth Fisher, Paula Izquierdo, Johnnie Sexton, Jennifer Robinson, Donna Brown, Stephanie Nance, Jordan Lupton, Cynthia Flynt, Jeri Bates, Deb Culbertson, Kathy Dowd, Jessica Raby, Kathy Cox, Rebecca Sanders Warren, Sara Nadaskay, Robin Jones, Darlene Robke, and Rebecca Ingram Rowe. And Peyton Maynard, for keeping watch over the Association for 3 decades!

CHALLENGE for MEMBERS: If you know one person on this list and have 2 hours a month to volunteer, I challenge you to consider joining a NCSHLA committee. We have several new Ad Hoc and Strategic Plan committees to choose from. In particular, our SP Communications committee could use someone with artistic skills. Reminder: NCSHLA is inclusive of all professionals. Committees are comprised of audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Now is a great time to join and work along side some of NC finest leaders.

Holly, it's all yours kid.

Amy Sherman Mitchell, 2017-2018 President

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