Membership Categories

Active Member (Dues $100/yearly) - Active members are voting members of NCSHLA and enjoy all member privileges. Active members are those holding at least a Master's degree in speech/language pathology, audiology, speech/hearing science, education of the hearing-impaired or a related field, or other Master's degree and evidence of research and/or performance in the field of communication disorders. Members in good standing of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association are automatically eligible for Active status.

Associate Member (Dues $90/yearly) - Associate members have all NCSHLA privileges except voting and holding office. Associate membership is open to those with less than a master's degree and those who are currently employed in the professions of speech/language pathology, audiology or related area (including teachers of deaf and hard of hearing), but who are not eligible for Active membership.

Student Member (Dues $25/yearly) - Student members have all NCSHLA privileges except voting and holding office. Student membership is open to graduates or undergraduates majoring in speech/language/hearing or related areas in accredited North Carolina college, or university programs, but who are not eligible for Active membership.

Doctoral Student Member (Dues $25/yearly) - Doctoral Student members are current, or eligible, for active membership of the Association and are enrolled in a doctoral program for speech-language pathology, audiology, or other related fields. You can apply for a reduced rate at the student level for up to three years and retain voting privileges. Proof of doctoral program enrollment must be attached for approval by the NCSHLA Membership and Recognition Committee. Doctoral students are required to submit an application and proof of doctoral program enrollment annually for approval.

Life Membership - 20-years of continuous Active membership will qualify you for Life membership when you reach age 65, and the benefits listed below. Contact the NCSHLA Central Office at 919-833-3984 for details.

+ Free voting membership after an initial payment of twice the annual Active dues.
+ Free directory access and other NCSHLA publications.
+ Reduced general registration (50%) for the annual conventions and symposiums.

Corporate Membership* - Corporate memberships are available to entities interested in supporting the professions of speech/language pathology and audiology but are not otherwise eligible for membership (e.g., rehab agencies,private practices, hospitals, product suppliers, etc.). Please contact the NCSHLA Central Office for more information. Three levels of Corporate Membership Support:

  • Corporate Benefactor - $300 annually
  • Corporate Patron - $150 annually
  • Corporate Subscriber - $75 annually

*NOTE: NCSHLA dues are a business expense (not a charitable contribution) as allowed by federal and state tax laws and may be deductible as a non-reimbursed business expense, up to 80% of the total amount paid.