The Voice of Speech, Hearing and Language in NC

NCSHLA is at the forefront of issues affecting speech, language and audiology professionals in North Carolna and works hard to influence the governmental policy-setting and decision-making processes. It also works to provide its members with information, tools and education that improve their performance and overall job satisfaction. As an affiliate of both the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), NCSHLA works to support these nationwide organizations at the state level through its activities and programs.


NCSHLA: A Membership That Rewards and Benefits You!

Being a member of the North Carolina's premier speech, language and hearing alliance bring with it a range of benefits. Central to its mission, the work of the association is all geared to helping members advance in the profession, and to make work within the field rewarding and enjoyable.

Members Help Influence Policy/Advocacy for The Profession

While all SLA professionals reap the rewards of NCSHLA's advocacy initiatives, the association's volunteer members are the ones who ultimately guide these efforts. NCSHLA looks to its members for guidance, feedback and perspectives.

Great Educational and Development Opportunities

NCSHLA is continually at the forefront of emerging trends in professional development. Members pay lower fees at all education symposiums and are first to receive information on upcoming opportunities.

Ongoing Clinical Practice Information & Support

NCSHLA continually tracks issues at the state and national levels, and keeps members up-to-date on current developments that effect their practices. The association distributes this information via print and electronic channels in convenient, easy to use formats.

Statewide Professional Networking

NCSHLA represents the largest group of allied speech, hearing and audiology professionals, and presents numerous networking opportunities. These enable members from all parts of the state to interact, build relationships and share information. All members become part of this network and begin reaping rewards instantly.

Additional Benefits

  • E-newsletters, featuring updates on professional issues, Board and committee reports, product and service announcements, employment opportunities, and much more.
  • Listing within our online directory of members.
  • Consultant services of an Executive Director/lobbyist.
  • Workplace/specialty-based Professional Practice Caucuses (PPCs) for member input in the development of Association policies.
  • Advertising discounts in all publications.
  • Annual student and professional achievement awards.