2018 Annual Convention

March 7 - 9


N. Raleigh Hilton/Midtown
3415 Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, NC

Featured Speakers

Sue Hale, M.C.D., CCC-SLP, Evanston, IL sponsored by NCASSPA
Ms. Hale roles at Vanderbilt included Director of Clinical Education (2000-2016) and Director of the Master of Science Program in Speech-Language Pathology (2013-2016). She served as the 2009 President of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA and as Vice President for Sue Hale, MCD, CCC-SLP, is a retired Associate Professor of Hearing and Speech Sciences at Quality of Service in Speech-Language Pathology (2002-2004). She also served as chair of the Council on Academic Accreditation, the Council for Clinical Certification, and the Blue Ribbon Panel on Clinical Supervision. She has been a member of the Board of Ethics, the Committee on Honors, and numerous other working groups, councils, and boards. An ASHA Fellow and 2016 recipient of the Honors of ASHA, she lectures and publishes in the areas of ethics, counseling, and clinical supervision.

Sheryl Rosin Ph.D.,CCC-SLP, Palm Beach Speech Language Specialists, Nova Southeastern University, and University of Vermont, Palm Beach, FL
Dr. Rosin is a speech-language pathologist specializing in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). She is a practicing clinician with over 20 years of experience and has worked in many professional settings such as an outpatient rehabilitation center, private practice, school system, and university. Dr. Rosin has presented nationally and internationally on evidence-based practices in assessment and intervention for individuals with ASD with specific topics related to play-based intervention, functional communication, and AAC. She is currently involved in an international project with the University of Medicine and Health Sciences-St. Kitts; providing autism training to teachers and assessment and intervention resources to under-served, low-income populations. Dr. Rosin is currently the owner and director of Palm Beach Speech-Language Specialists in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, a Continuing Education Instructor with Summit Professional Education, a PLAY Project Consultant, Supervisor, and Trainer, an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University, an adjunct Research Fellow at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Vermont, the chair of the tele-practice committee and the VP for Continuing Education for the Florida Speech-Language Hearing Association.

A. Lynn Williams, Ph.D., East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN
Lynn Williams is Associate Dean in the College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences and Professor in the Department of Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology at East Tennessee State University and an Honorary Professor at the University of Sydney. Most of her research has involved clinical investigations of models of phonological treatment for children with severe to profound speech sound disorders. She developed a new model of phonological intervention called multiple oppositions that has been the basis of federally funded intervention studies by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and developed a phonological intervention software program called Sound Contrasts in Phonology (SCIP) that was funded by NIH. Dr. Williams served as associate editor of Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in the Schools and most recently served as the associate editor of the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Dr. Williams is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is currently serving as ASHA Vice President for Academic Affairs in Speech-Language Pathology (2016-2018).