Education & Professional Development

Continuing education and development improves the quality of your performance by updating, developing, and increasing your knowledge and skills. professional performance of speech, language, and other all types of hearing and audiology professional in North Carolina and around the nation.

Upcoming Events Calendar - Learn about the upcoming educational opportunities and events throughout North Carolina.

Annual Convention - This is NCSHLA's marquee learning conference that brings together professionals from across North Carolina. The convention will be taking place on March 29 - 31, 2017 at the N. Raleigh Hilton Midtown, Raleigh, NC.

Workshop - Nancy Kaufman, MA, CCC-SLP, will be presenting 'Children Who Struggle to Speak: Establishing Effective Vocal-Verbal Skills for Children With Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Other Speech Sound Disorders'. This workshop will be taking place October 7, 2016 at the Hawthorne Inn and Conference Center, Winston-Salem, NC.

Fall Conference - This audiology conference will take place on November 11-12, 2016 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center, Durham, NC.

Call-for-Papers - The NCSHLA Convention / Conference Committees announce the CALL FOR PAPERS for the Fall Conference and the Spring Convention for 2017. Online submissions.

CEU Requirements for SLPs and SLP-Assistants - Outlines the continuing education requirements for NC-licensed SLPs and SLP-Assitant professionals.

Contacting Information for NCSHLA - Info for use when contacting NCSHLA with education or professional development questions.