Previous Student Awardees
2016 Katharina Burton
2016 Eshan Pua (Linguisystems)
2015 Lisa Tallman
2015 Nancy Quick (Linguisystems)
2014 Sarah Obarowski
Lakshmi Kollara Sunil (Linguisystems)
2013 Whitney Tapp
Hannah Collins (Linguisystems)
2012 Molly Spears
Susan Clemmons (Linguisystems)
2011 Courtney Durham
2010 Nicole McRight and
Elizabeth Ramsey
2009 Holly Howell, and
Debra Dunham
2008 Katherine Barnard,
N. Leigh Coleman
& Kathryn O’Brien
2007 Teresa Crozon
2006 Melissa Norris
2005 Rachel Johnson
2004 Jessica Wallace
2003 Monique Bennett
2002 Tracy Higgins
2001 Stefanie Brokas
& Pamela White
2000 Rebecca Hanson
1999 Hope Moorman
1998 Kobianne Pless
1997 Nanette Agnew
1996 Helen Glover
1995 Genine Scott
1994 Theresa Buckley
1993 Michelle Honeycutt
1992 T. J. Foehl
1991 Susan Holt
1990 Richard Creech
1989 Janice Lambey
1988 Karen Ann Wright
1987 Janet Ballard
1986 Dolly Adams
1985 Edmonia Lang
1984 Irene Meier
1983 Lucy Wilmont
1982 Mary Beth Baxley
1981 Catherine Martin
1980 Elizabeth Sinteff
1980 Susan Hicken
1979 Danette Stielman
1979 Linda Lilley
1979 Jackie Simmons
1978 Mavis Coe
1977 Judy Bowyer
1976 Sylvia Mason
1975 Christine Walker
1974 Thomas Cameron
1973 Paulette Neal
1972 Margaret Cole
1971 Charles Schlein
1970 Margaret O’Shea

Deadline: April 9, 2021

NCSHLA Student Educational Achievement Award

Student members of The North Carolina Speech, Hearing and Language Association are encouraged to apply for the annual educational achievement award presented by NCSHLA on the basis of academic excellence and merit. This award is presented during NCSHLA's Annual Convention.

Nominating Criteria

Eligibility requirements for the NCSHLA Student Educational Achievement Award and NCSHLA-Linguisystems Student Achievement Award are:

  1. Enrollment in or acceptance to a training program in a North Carolina college or university, with the major field of study in communication disorders. Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible.
  2. Minimum grade point of average of 3.0 in major.
  3. Current paid Student membership in the North Carolina Speech, Hearing and Language Association.
  4. Completed APPLICATION FORM, accompanied by TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION from college/university faculty members, and a LIST OF CREDITS (official transcript not required).
  5. Application form, undergraduate and graduate credits where applicable, and letters of recommendation must be sent to the Membership & Recognition Committee no later than March 20, 2020, in order to be considered for award at NCSHLA's Annual Convention.

    If you are completing a hard-copy nomination, please send a complete packet -- including this form, the nominee's resume, and the letters of support for the nominee -- to:

    Online Submission Form

    Complete the form below to submit your nomination. Copies of the nomination will be transmitted to NCSHLA and to the Chair of the NCSHLA Membership & Recognition Committee. Contact NCSHLA headquarters at (919) 833-3984 or by email with questions.

Nominator Information
Nominee Information
Colleges/Schools Attended
(4.0 Max)
(4.0 Max)
(4.0 Max)
(4.0 Max)

Desired but optional.

Participation & Involvement

Not to Exceed 200 words

Letters of Support

Use these fields to attach the digital files of the two letters of support. Letters can also be faxed to NCSHLA offices at (919) 832-0445.

If applying for Linguisystems award, use this field to attach the digital file or cover letter which clearly describes service activities as outlined in eligibility requirements.

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