Speech Language and Hearing in North CarolinaInformation on Insurance Coverages

Navigating the maze of health insurance regulations can be daunting to anybody. NCSHLA has established this resource to help answer common insurance-related questions regarding SLP/A services.

Understand Health Insurance Coverage

The first step in determining the coverage you posses is to understand the type of insurance you have. In private health plans, coverages are spelled out in your contract. The policy or contract can be obtained from your benefits manager. Remember these key points:

  • First, understand your benefits - Reviewing your policy, its contract and/or clearly understanding what's covered for your type of coverage is the first step.
  • Always get a referral before visiting - Dependent on your coverage, you may need a referral to seek services. Since every plan is slightly different, speak with a representative of your plan before you take action.
  • Collaborate when needed - In cases involving children, you can improve your results by collaborating with your private specialist and the school. Keep the best interests of the child in mind.
  • Orient yourself to the claims process - Familiarize yourself with the private insurance claims process. You may have to conduct these activities independently to be reimbursed.

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