Improving Communication for NC

North Carolina is fortunate to possess an extensive network of professionals across the state who remain committed to ensuring easy and effective access to services that improve communication skills, and address a variety of communicative disorders. NCSHLA provides consumers with resources designed to help North Carolinians understand and access help were needed.

Why Certification Matters - What to look for in a SLP provider and why it matters.

SLP Assistants Info & Rules - What Patients and their families need to know about Speech-Language-Pathologist Assistants.

Insurance Coverage FAQs - Answers to common questions regarding coverage for speech and hearing services.

Consumer Resource Links - Web resources for consumers information, includes NC licensing Boards.

Multimedia Resources - Multimedia informational resources for consumers.

DISCLAIMER: The North Carolina Speech Hearing and Language Association (NCSHLA) offers these resources as a general consumer guide. No claim is made for comprehensiveness. Additional resources may exist and may be added in the future. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by NCSHLA.