Background & Overview

NCSHLA is a professional association chartered in 1954 that promotes and advocates for the professional practice of the speech, language and hearing sciences, to advocate and to serve as the voice of the profession, and to advocate for communicatively impaired citizens in North Carolina. Today, the organization continues in this tradition and consists of over one thousand speech and audiology professionals across the state.

NCSHLA Governance

The overall structure of NCSHLA is outlined in its By-Laws and Constitution. Briefly, this consists of the following:

The Board of Directors-The association's board is compromised of member elected by Active and Life members.

Administrative Committees- These committees carry out the policies and positions of NCSHLA as stipulated in the By-Laws. The administrative committees are as follows:

  • Finance Committee
  • Convention Committee
  • Membership and Recognition Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Executive Committee

Standing Committees- The role of the standing committees is to address policies and positions regarding professional issues important to the association. Standing committees are permanent committees designed to consider all matters pertaining to a general area, defined broadly by title. NCSHLA's Standing Committee consist of:

  • The Fall Conference Committee
  • The Education and Public Information Committee
  • The Planning Committee
  • The Professional Affairs Committee

Professional & Practice Caucuses - Integrated into the association structure these subsets provide the mechanism whereby each member can be heard and represented in the development of association policies, position statements, and the resolution of issues facing the discipline of human communication and its disorders.

NCSHLA Sections/Divisions

NC Assoc. of Supervisors in Speech/Language Pathology and Audiology (NCASSPA) - Offers networking, information exchange, training and co-sponsorship opportunities to NCSHLA members working in supervisory roles within the professions.

NCSHLA Awards & Recognitions

Each year, NCSHLA honors individuals and organizations for significant contributions and excellence in the field. The following are conferred:

Honors of The Association - As NCSHLA's highest honor, the Honors Awards are conferred in recognition of consistent, long-term, distinguished contributions to the Association or to the communication disorders profession.

Public Information Award - NCSHLA members honored for outstanding promotional campaigns that have raised awareness of the services of speech/language pathologists and audiologists and have been executed with professionalism and innovation in the content, form, and message.

Student Achievement Award - This award recognizes student work as contributing to the overall betterment and advancement of the specialties.

NCSHLA Clinical Achievement Award - In conjunction with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHF), NCSHLA selects a member to recognize contributions to the advancement of clinical practice in speech/language pathology and audiology.