American Academy of Audiology - NC Chapter

Legislative Update

Welcome to the American Academy of Audiology – North Carolina chapter. AAA-NC is a professional society of audiologists, practicing in a variety of settings across the state, who are dedicated to serving North Carolinians with hearing and vestibular impairment. Our primary objectives are fostering professional autonomy, providing quality continuing education (CEU) opportunities, and increasing public awareness of hearing and vestibular disorders and their treatment. AAA-NC is the largest community of audiologists in North Carolina and the primary advocate for state legislative issues impacting audiology practice and patient care. We fight to keep North Carolina residents safe from laws that place people with hearing/vestibular impairment and their families at risk. We need every North Carolina audiologist to join our efforts!

Since 1997, AAA-NC has been a division of the North Carolina Speech Hearing and Language Association (NCSHLA). When you join NCSHLA, you receive free membership to AAA-NC! For less than $0.25 a day ($100 annually), you can enjoy the benefits and opportunities of being an AAA-NC and NCSHLA member. Click here to get involved and start enjoying the benefits and opportunities of being a member!

Legislative Update

In August 2013, there was a significant change in the statutes governing the activities of Hearing Instrument Specialists whereby the statutes now refer to a “Scope of Practice” enumerated by 16 points. Please use the links below to understand these changes and the specific objections by AAA-NC and the NC Board of Examiners.

22 of Chapter 90 - Licensure Act for Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists
Statute 93-D – Statutes governing Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters
Session Law 2013-410 House Bill 92, refer to section 32.5 – Technical Corrections bill introducing ‘Scope of Practice’ for Hearing Instrument Specialists
Proposed Temp Rules - Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Board attempt to regulate the above mentioned expansion of a ‘Scope of Practice’
Objection 1 – AAA-NC/NCSHLA objection to the temporary rules
Objection 2 – NCBOE objection to the temporary rules
Objection 3 – NCBOE, AAA-NC/NCSHLA joint objection to rules on cerumen management

The leadership of this organization is working with NCBOE to understand the legal ramifications of this legislation. If you would like more information or would like to join your colleagues on the legislative committee, please contact one of our board members today.